Bombed Church, Egypt Hit Great Clash

Hundreds of
Christian youths clashed with
police in the city of Alexandria,
Egypt, following the explosion
that killed 21 people after the
new year of worship. Some
youths to vent his anger by
beating up a Muslim and
damaging a mosque.
Previous explosion occurred on
Saturday, January 1, 2011, in
front of Al-Qiddissine church
right after the church after
attending worship ahead of
the new year, a half hour after
Explosion came from a car
parked in front of the church
complex. The authorities
suspect the explosion was
from a bomb placed in the car.
According to the Interior
Ministry, which injured eight
victims were Muslim. In
addition, the church building
and a nearby mosque was also
damaged. A splinter group of
al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed
responsibility for the bombing.
Hundreds of angry youths
gathered in the streets and
vent their anger at the anti-riot
police on guard. Major clash
between the two camps are
not inevitable when the youths
threw stones and bottles at
Direct attack by the officer
replied by firing rubber bullets
and tear gas. Reporting from
the page the Associated Press,
Sunday, January 2, 2011, a
Muslim who crossed the target
of angry young men batty.
“Now is a war between
Christians and government, are
no longer Muslims and
Christians,” shouted one
woman in the place.
According to reports the
Associated Press photographer,
a few young men even broke
into a mosque, threw the book
in it to the street. They also
bombarded Muslim passersby
with stones and bottles. “With
blood and soul, we defend the
cross,” cried the rioters.
Clashes also occurred near the
hospital Saint. Some youths
shouted menghunuskan
kitchen knife. Looks, a tattooed
young man was rushed to the
emergency room with wounds
on his body due to rubber
Meanwhile, hundreds of others
attended the funeral of the
victims were killed. They
chanted the words “Hey
Mubarak, Coptic blood was
boiling. We will not fear
anymore, we will not be silent
anymore,” holding up the cross.
Some of them cried out
demanding the resignation of
the Governor of Alexandria,
Adel Labib.
Coptic Orthodox Christian,
filling ten percent of Egypt’s
population is predominantly
Muslim. They often complained
about the number of
discrimination they receive,
even often targeted for
bombing. Bomb attacks are the
worst this time accepted by the
Christians of Egypt, after the
1999 attacks.


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