The world began to enter the year 2011

Fireworks, parties and
celebrations in the eastern
parts of the world marked the
new year 2011.
In Australia, as usual crowd
gathered in Sydney watching
the fireworks known as the
largest in the New Year
celebrations in the country.
Some 1.5 million people
gathered d Sydney armed with
blankets and tent equipment to
watch the fireworks as much
as seven tons are mounted on
the famous bridge, the Harbour
Residents have started to
arrive 12 hours before the
fireworks begin.
Earlier, thousands of New
Zealand citizens who took to
the streets to open the first
second in 2011.
The first celebrates the new
year 2011 are citizens of
Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean.
Other countries
This year for the first time
Vietnam will celebrate the new
year in the capital Hanoi,
because usually the authorities
tend to celebrate the new year
In the Philippines, the
authorities asked that residents
be more careful because in
recent days the fireworks had
injured at least 245 people.
Filipinos are still eager to do the
tradition to celebrate the new
year with a noisy sound in
order to drive out demons and
lack of luck.
But the Burmese government is
still banned fireworks and said
it would take stern measures
for those who break them.
While Europe and America get
ready to roll out the fireworks,
like the UK which will be held
on the River Thames.
In New York, one million people
are expected to come see the
tradition of ball drop in Times
Square at midnight local time.
Warm weather and working
well-managed municipal
workers cleaning the streets of
New York after a snowstorm
that shut down the city a few
days ago.

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