Supply, Handbook of Making Bomb Al Qaeda

not enough to
teach you how to make bombs
at home in the article “Make a
Bomb in the Kitchen of Your
Mom” in the magazine “Inspire”,
the terrorist network Al Qaeda
has published a guidebook.
Thick 102 page book shows
you how to make bombs
independently. The author
hopes that the young
extremists may soon launch its
first terrorist acts using
homemade bombs.
In the manual terebut taught in
detail how to find the materials
of everyday life and
meraciknya into explosives. The
yield range from a small scale
by using explosive powder in
the ink cartridge as found in
the East Midland airport,
England, last November, or a
large scale like that detonated
in an underground station in
London, July 7, 2005, which
killed 52 people .
As quoted from the pages of
The Telegraph, 31 December
2010, an electronic book which
can be downloaded at several
sites or blogs is published by
the extremist Islamic Media
Front, al-Qaeda that are
prepared by the students of
Professor Abu Khabbab al-
Al-Masri himself had died in July
2008 after showered with
bullets by a U.S. drone.
However, al-Masri left a bomb-
making manuals in Arabic
which is widely used by the
disciples of Al Qaeda.
The book titled “Course Making
Bomb” describes the chemical
bomb-making can be found
easily in supermarkets, garden
and general drug stores. Also
explained how to make
detonators and primary and
secondary batteries.
In the book also explained the
necessary equipment and
devices, an explanation also
include an image to make the
How to make the simplest
explosives in a manual is with
gasoline, oil, and axis, or more
commonly known as Molotov
Though dangerous and illegal,
the authors continue to
provide safety warnings. “This
book is intended for our
brothers who have enough
knowledge about the risk of
making explosives and
security,” said the text
contained in the introduction
to the book.
Just a little mistake in
compounding can be fatal, the
book was written “Your first
mistake is your last mistake.”
This book is still in a raw
version, al-Qaeda promised to
issue a more detailed book
This electronic book publishing
reap concerns among British
intelligence, M15. Director
General of the M15, Jonathan
Evans, said the book is aimed at
amateurs who just terdoktrin
understand extremism and are
learning to make bombs
without the guidance of coach
Al Qaeda.

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