U.S. and Venezuelan Ambassador Mutual Banish

revoke the visa of President
Barack Obama’s ambassador to
the United States of Venezuela,
Bernardo Alvarez. Bernardo
then expelled from the land of
Uncle Sam, Thursday, December
30, 2010. This step is the
answer to the challenge of
Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez, who previously
rejected the appointment of
U.S. ambassador to his country.
As reported by the Associated
Press page, Bernardo Alvarez,
became casualties of the
diplomatic feud between the
U.S. and Venezuela after Chavez
did not allow candidates the
U.S. ambassador to Venezuela’s
new, Larry Palmer, served in
Diplomatic tensions began
when Palmer at the beginning
of this year has thrown up a
word that is considered
abusive and disrespectful
Venezuela. To commission the
U.S. senate foreign relations,
Palmer said that the Venezuelan
military morale is very low and
his administration have ties
with terrorist organizations in
neighboring Colombia.
Chavez has said it opposed the
appointment of Palmer since
July. It was only on December
20, 2010, Chavez has sent a
letter of protest to Washington
about this administration.
Tuesday, December 28, 2010,
Chavez has challenged the U.S.
to expel its ambassador and
expressed readiness to sever
diplomatic relations with the
United States. “If the U.S.
government wanted to expel
our ambassadors there, please!”
Said Chavez.
“If they want to break
diplomatic relations, then
leave!” Said Chavez again.
The U.S. government
immediately cancel the visa
Alvarez diplomats shortly after
Chavez refused to Palmer.
Interior Ministry spokesman, PJ
Crowley, said that the U.S. has
taken the appropriate,
proportionate and reciprocal of
what Chavez.
This is not the first time Chavez
expelled the U.S. ambassador of
his country. In 2008, Chavez
expelled U.S. ambassador,
Patrick Duddy, in solidarity with
the Bolivian government who
was then also expelled the U.S.
ambassador in his country.

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