Sex resolution in 2011

Do not let your
sexual life with a partner was
bland and monotonous. Come
on, make your household
become more exciting and
quality from now on.
The trick, make a resolution on
sexual life in 2011. Here is the
resolution of sex for you.
Consider one of them to evoke
the passion back, taken from
She Knows.
– Try a new position every
Buy a book of sex positions
and try new styles every week.
There may be hundreds of
positions that you and your
husband has never practiced.
– Make in every room house
Do not just in the bedroom,
start having sex throughout
your home. For example, in the
bathroom, kitchen, probably in
the backyard.
– Create a sigh ‘naughty’
Tell him what you like. Ask
what you want. Then
– Attending seminars sex
Go to the talk show that
discusses sex life can also be an
interesting activity. There you
can learn a lot about sex and
men’s issues.
– Start dating again
Plan a date for a date with your
husband every week. Find the
experience so far has not been
– Treat yourself
To improve sex life and health,
ideally always exercise
regularly, live a balanced diet
and healthy diet. Benefits, you
will feel good, look good and
have more energy in the

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