Malaysia Site Hacker Attacked

Two sites owned
by companies and
organizations in Malaysia again
attacked by a hacker or
hackers. Message the hackers,
“Living Dead Remain Garudaku”.
Thursday, December 30, 2010,
two sites were the

  • Malaysia

  • All Cosmos is the official
    website of the company All
    Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd,
    established in 1999. Corporate
    headquarters engaged in
    chemical technology are located
    in Pasir Gudang industrial area,
    Johor, Malaysia.
    The second site is owned by
    House Ozaman, volunteer
    organization that moves to
    accommodate homeless
    children and victims of sexual
    abuse. The organization is
    headquartered in Selangor,
    Two front page of this site
    does not display the profile or
    all matters related to the
    company or organization. But
    that comes out is the poster
    player teams Indonesian
    national team, namely the Word
    Utina, Bambang ‘Bepe’
    Pamungkas, and M Roby.
    Under the third photo-man
    squad that contained the
    statement, “Living Dead Remain
    Garudaku.” There is also the
    word ‘Indonesia’ red and white
    extends from left to right.
    The bottom like the message
    the hackers. “Hacked by: slave ^
    ^ not berez [Palembang-Hacker]
    Do not give up garudaku,
    you’re still on my chest ..”
    Is this hacking is still associated
    with the failure of Indonesia to
    win over Malaysia AFF Cup last
    night? Not yet certain.
    Indonesia wins over Malaysia
    last night 2-1. But the victory
    did not bring Indonesia AFF
    championship since Malaysia
    4-2 aggregate over Indonesia.

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