2010 facebook is superior to google

2010 a year up.
Social networking sites are
becoming the most sought-
after and visited this year.
Experian Hitwise, a marketing
consulting agency, released, up
to beat Google as the most
visited sites. Then, four out of
ten of the most sought-after in
2010 is the words that contain
The word’s most sought-after
is the “facebook”, which is then
followed by “facebook login”.
Then the “facebook.com” was
in sixth and
“www.facebook.com” in the
order of nine. Up as of 4.18
percent of the top 50 searches.
While the 10 sites most visited
in the United States in 2010 as

However, according to the
agency, Google is still the most
top sites in the United States
from the combination of the
visit (visit), ie 9.85 percent of
all visits. Up in second place and
Yahoo 8.93 percent 8.12
percent between January and
November 2010.

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