Pencuri mayat

Corpse Thieves
For some among the people
there who believe that the holy
virgin who died on market
days (count the birth of Java)
that have certain supernatural
powers. That said, the death
Tuesday Kliwon holy virgin has
been waiting for the adherents
of black magic. Just take the
shroud and his hair, then the
two objects that can be used as
a powerful talisman. Tatapi, the
conditions were very heavy.
This is the story of the thief
Indramayu the bodies of the
This story originated from a
myth in one of the areas that
are in the area Indramayu.
According to the story, said to
local residents when a woman
died on the day and certain
market and women are still in
virgin state, the hair and cloth
can be used as aljimat kafannya
supernatural powers, and for
the people managed to retrieve
it from the grave. Surely this is
the work of those who
embrace science astray.
Because of this belief, then, for
families who have children in
the days and die a virgin
market that his tomb would be
kept for 7 days, in order to
avoid thieves bodies, namely
the people who are running the
black magic ritual. Like the
stories in this mystery story.
Depicted there are two people,
namely Marto and Yono who
were studying black magic
rituals and need to take the
shroud and body hair virgin
who died on the day and the
market is specified, namely in
Kliwon Tuesday.
That night, Marto and Yono,
two youths seen middle-
ngendap settles at the
cemetery location. That night,
the atmosphere is very dark
tomb complex. Crescent of light
was unable to break through
the thick leaves of large trees
and old-old who grew up in the
tomb complex. Shadow of old
trees and the darkness of night
and the sound of crickets and
night sounds of animals from
the middle of the famous tomb
complex was haunted.
However, the creepy
atmosphere that does not make
the two men retreated. They
continued to settle-ngendap
entering the tomb complex.
Occasionally they looked at
each other and whispering.
Their eyes carefully watched
around him, especially toward
the tomb mound that is still
Nocturnal animal voices heard
more loudly, and the howling
of dogs from kejahuan make
the atmosphere more wingit.
This atmosphere makes either
one of them be afraid. Marto,
looking scared it receded into
the background and
immediately pulled her hand
Yono. “Mas, I think we’d better
cancel my fear alone …. ya,” said
Seeing his friend was shaking
and scared. Yono even laughed
trying to convince that he is
more courageous, “Alaaah
aja …., so scared, like a girl …
Come on, go on!” Yono invite
menggapit arm while Marto.
Marto was forced according.
However, the closer to the new
cemetery which is the tomb of
the holy virgin who was
targeted by it. Marto getting
goosebumps. Kuduknya fur
stood all, hands and feet
Cold sweat was mencucur, was
so much fear, until the urine is
unbearable. So he immediately
asked for permission at Yono
to pee. Marto away behind a
big tree to urinate. Having felt
quite safe, even with the
rushed Marto open zipper of his
pants. Alas, apparently without
realizing it, have quietly
ethereal being watched from
above the middle of the old
tree. Being creatures was very
For a moment Marto was not
aware of this creature, but, he
felt increasingly uncomfortable.
Fur kuduknya more bumps.
right-left. Quiet, no nothing
meaningful. Only
the shadow of old trees. Marto
with feeling chills go for
urination. When finished and
was about to close
resletingnya, Marto how
shocked when something that
fell from above upon his head.
He did not dare look up and do
not care anymore what the
object that fell into his head, lift
straight legs running towards
Yono. Yono see Marto in a state
that was surprised and asked
what had happened. Marto fear
that she could not speak with
ashen face he pointed to his
head. Yono with a curious
feeling Marto pat on the head
hair. And ….. imprisoned
surprised when Yono find
segengam worms, animals
were seen bleeding. The second
eye that human beings
continue to monitor it more
creepy. More and more and
splattered blood.
Suddenly at that moment,
appeared the figure of a young
woman who creepy. Her hair
was long and curly and his face
covered in blood. Seeing the
presence of creepy creatures,
the two young men who are
just starting to learn black
magic, it was daring to dig
graves sacred virgins, finally
ran left the tomb complex
“Sssseeeeeee … tannnn!” they
both yelled as he ran helter-
The story of the shroud thieves
and body hair to be aljimat holy
virgin, was fairly evenly
distributed on the island of
Java. Apparently, many people
who are still thick with
kejawen teachings and belief in
supernatural things smelling it.
So that such rituals still exist in
some areas, particularly, in rural
Belief, for anyone who
managed to take two objects,
then he will have supernatural
powers. For example,
invulnerable jab, dignified and
others. There is also believed
that in order to obta

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